315: Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPress

As your WordPress website or blog grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to check to ensure all of your links, images, and videos are working correctly. For SEO purposes and even credibility of your website, broken links are never good. Well, we’ve found a great plugin to help you check your website periodically called the broken link checker. If you’re not familiar with WordPress plugins please read our tutorial. 

Broken Link Checker Features

There’s some really great features that are included in the plugin. Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Ability to decide how often the plugin checks your links
  • The plugin will send you an email with a list of broken links
  • The ability to set the timeout rate when it checks links
  • The ability to stop checking links based on your current server’s load
  • The ability to stop search engines from following bad links 

Installing Broken Link Checker in the WordPress Dashboard

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard. Once you are logged in, you’ll go to Plugins > Add New


  2. Then you’ll need to search for “broken link checker”


  3. Next, find the plugin, as in the image below and click “Install Now”


  4. After the plugin installs, click “Activate Plugin”


  5. Now, you can visit the settings page, to further configure the plugin


Congratulations! You are finished installing the plugin.

Initial usage of your Broken Link Checker Plugin

There’s a few settings that are important to set up once you install the plugin. Under the general settings tab you can check the box to make sure you will be emailed when a broken link is found. This is important as the plugin will run on it’s own. You’ll also need to go to the advanced tab. On the advanced tab, there’s an option to set the server load limit. We suggest setting the limit to 32. This will disable the plugin from running if the server load rises above your specified limit. 

Different Configurations for Broken Link Checker Plugin

  • General Settings Tab:
    • Here you can decide when each link is checked to ensure it is not broken. By default, it’s set up to check every 72 hours. 
    • Also, you can check the box to be notified via email. Email notifications will go to the admin email address for WordPress.
    • You can also decide whether to stop search engines from following broken links.
  • Look for Links In Tab:
    • This is where you can decide which areas of your website you check for links
    • You can also decide which type of statuses on posts are checked
  • Which Links to Check Tab:
    • You can choose which types of links to check whether it is HTML, images, or plain text. You can even check videos from outside sources such as Youtube or Vimeo
    • The exclusion list allows you to create a list of words that if the URL contains it will not check
  • Protocols and API’s Tab:
    • Here you can decide which protocol to use. By default it is set to HTTP
  • Advanced Tab:
    • Timeout is a limit is which if the link does not load in that spceified time it will be considered broken.
    • Link Monitor allows you to control how it runs when the dashboard is open and if it will run in the background hourly.
    • Max Execution Time allows you to set how long, at most, the plugin may run each time before stopping.
    • Server Load Limit allows you to monitor the current server load and set a limit to suspend link checking if the load rises above the limit.
    • Forced Recheck allows you to recheck all the pages at any time.

  If you need further assistance please feel free to contact our support department

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