How to disable curlwrappers in WHM

When working with your VPS and dedicated accounts, you may try to install different programs to enhance your server to fit your needs. If you are using the default server setup, you may come across a time when you need to disable certain options. One such option is the with-curlwrappers option. You will know you need to disable this if you receive the following warning message:
PHP was compiled with –with-curlwrappers which will cause issues with HTTP authentication and GitHub. Recompile it without this flag if possible

Disabling curlwrappers in Easy Apache

  1. Log into your WHM interface.
  2. clck on easy apache option

    Once in the WHM, look to the left hand menu, locate and click on the EasyApache (Apache Update) option under the Software category.

  3. select custom build

    From the first page, be sure to select the default Previously Saved Configuration and click on the Start customizing based on profile button.

  4. choose exhaustive options list

    Click Next until you get to step 4. From here you will see the different options, scroll to the bottom and expand the options by clicking on the Exhaustive Options List button.

  5. uncheck curlwrappers

    This opens up more options from which to select. Scroll down to the section on Php and find the checkbox labeled Curlwrappers and uncheck the box.

  6. Once unchecked, simply scroll down to the bottom and click on the Save and Build button. This will recompile your php without the curlwrappers option.

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