Giving your developer or designer account access

Many customers have their own developer (or designer) and wish to give them access so their site can be created and edited. If a site needs databases, this usually requires cPanel (Control Panel) access so that databases and database users can be created and modified as needed.

If you need to email your developer information on how to transfer your site, please review our article: Helping your designer transfer your website. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can give your developer or designer account access safely.

Give your developer the right access:

By default, your cPanel password is the same password as your Account Managment Panel (AMP) password. The concern here is that someone could potentially log into your AMP account as well. Most customers will want to give their developer access to their cPanel without giving them access to AMP. This way, you still control your account with us while allowing your developer the access they need to build your site.

The best way to do this is to change your cPanel password and give them the cPanel username and new cPanel password. This way, they can log into cPanel, but will not have access to AMP.

Note: You can also set up a developer passphrase for your developer to verify the account if they contact us for support. This verification method, unlike other verification methods, unauthorizes us to make any billing-related changes during that contact session. You can create this in AMP by hovering over My Account and selecting Login & Security.

Give your designer the right access:

A web designer may differ from a developer in knowledge and access for your website as it is being created.  If you need to distinguish access, you can setup FTP accounts or provide direct access to the Cpanel as you may have provided the developer.  If you require knowledge on using FTP, please reference these articles:

Getting Started with FTP
Creating An FTP account in Cpanel

Also, many of the functions that you can do with FTP can also accomplished using the Cpanel interface and its tools.  Review Using File Manager in Cpanel for further information.  As you become more familiar with the interface, you can make the judgement on which interface would best suit your web designer.

To remove access at anytime

  1. Reset your cPanel password
  2. Review your FTP accounts area in cPanel and either change the password for any FTP accounts or delete the accounts.
  3. Log into your cPanel and check the email address in your cPanel contact information, change if needed.
  4. If an email address was created in cPanel for your developer, you can either delete the email address or if you want to keep the email account up, change the email account password in cPanel .
  5. If you added your developer as a second point of contact in AMP, update your contact information in AMP.

Thoughts on “Giving your developer or designer account access

  • This is always been a problem of a client and a developer, they are afraid to give access to the developer which is really needed

  • For anyone planning to use this advice, keep in mind that once you give someone your cpanel login, they have complete access to all messages in all email addresses associated with your account. Simply go to the email section, click email accounts, click the pull down menu, and click “access webmail”

    Through the cpanel, they can open every email account in the web mail client, read/delete every message, and send whatever they want to whomever they choose.

    • That is correct. That is why we recommend giving the least amount of access needed, such as an FTP account, as opposed to full cPanel access.

  • It’s quite understandable, even for someone like myself who is quite new to hosting… 


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