ownCloud – Personal Cloud Storage Solution

ownCloud Personal Cloud Storage Solution

ownCloud Data Storage

ownCloud is a personal cloud storage solution for managing and collaborating on all types of files including multimedia, office documents, and calendar events. Using the PHP programming language and a MySQL/MariaDB database, the application acts as a file storage hub, collaborative suite, and the list continues as you desire to fill the needs of your project or team. Also, there are dozens of third-party apps that allow you to integrate: 

  • Email accounts from email providers
  • Office software suites
  • Data flow diagrams
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) providers
  • Much more…

Put simply, ownCloud is a great option for remote teams needing a central hub to organize files with a team member comfortable enough to complete system administration tasks (e.g. server and PHP upgrades) using Secure Shell (SSH), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and other client-side methods.

Getting Started with ownCloud

Alone, the app is somewhat bare-bones. Although some view this as a drawback, the benefit is that you’re not bombarded with “bloatware” features you’re unlikely to ever use. This is a short list of tasks you’ll likely need to know when getting started with your personal ownCloud instance.

ownCloud Server Security

Even after adding relevant features to your data storage solution, the setup process should not stop there. Instead, learn more about securing your ownCloud instance data at rest against application-specific and server-based cyber attacks.

If you need assistance at any time, contact Live Support or participate in our Community Forum.

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