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When Creating users in Moodle, the field categories available may not contain the fields needed for the users or students in the Course. For example, the same course may be available for students at more than one campus. A User profile field can be created to customize the user profiles within Moodle. The User profile fields are set in the site administrator section of the dashboard. This article will walk through the steps of creating custom fields in the profiles for the users. If the previous article was missed, please visit Adding new users to the Moodle User Accounts.

Adding User Profile Fields to Moodle

  1. Log into the Moodle Dashboard
  2. user-profile-fields-1-selectNavigate to and select Settings > Site administration > Users > Accounts > User profile fields.

    Important! Keep in mind that Editing must be turned on in the Settings > Front Page Settings section in order to edit any of these options.

  3. user-profile-fields-2-menu-moodleIn this example, select Menu of Choices. When the value is selected, the browser will automatically go to the User Profile Fields page to edit the profile field setting.
  4. user-profile-fields-3-new-moodleNext is the Creating a new 'Menu of Choices' profile field page. Enter the Short name, Name, and Description of the field. Below is a brief description of what each category does. Click Save Changes.

    Important! When entering the Short Name of the User Profile, make sure the name is short and one word. The reason is because this field is used when uploading bulk user data through a file .csv upload. The field naming convention is profile_field_name where name is the Short Name of the profile. For example, if the Short Name is the persons Nick Name, enter something like alias. Then the database will store the name profile_field_alias. This will prevent errors in the future when using the User Uploads section of the Site Administration.

    Common settings: The common settings will allow the profile field to have a name, description, visibility, and whether the field is required, locked, unique. The field can be displayed on the Signup page as well.

    Specific settings: This is where the custom field information will go.

    user-profile-fields-4-list-moodleOnce the changes are saved, the New profile field will show on the list.

  5. user-profile-fields-5-edit-moodleTo view the Profile field setting in the user account. Select Edit Profile in the Settings > Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Browse list of users and edit a user to add the setting.
  6. user-profile-fields-6-other-moodleThe new profile field will be listed towards the bottom in the Other Fields section. This is where the Profile Field will be found for the user. Save the setting.
  7. user-profile-fields-7-final-moodleWhen the student goes to view the user profile, The profile will look like the following snapshot.

This concludes the overview for the Moodle Editing User profile fields in Moodle. Please check the next article on Running bulk user actions in Moodle. For more information on this Education Channel please visit Managing users and roles in Moodle

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Continued Education in Course 105: User Accounts and Permissions in Moodle
You are viewing Section 2: Editing User profile fields in Moodle
Section 1: Adding new users to the Moodle User Accounts
Section 3: Running bulk user actions in Moodle
2019-04-30 10:39 am
I would like to add a new item to the Moodle user profile page that will now be a required field for new registrants. Will this have any affect to users who are currently in the database?

Thank you.
n/a Points
2019-03-13 3:04 am
I have configured LDAP in Moodle, and user redirects to profile page after authentication page. then while updating the email it gives error 'email could not be sent'. Kindly help me to solve this issue.
42,943 Points
2019-03-13 10:05 am
Typically, the email issue shouldn't have anything with your LDAP configuration. Moodle does an option to use SMTP for sending emails. Make sure that this opton is properly configured in your installation before sending any email notifications. This article is fairly old, but it does address setting up an SMTP connection in Moodle. You may need to look for more updated information such as this Moodle Mail configuration tutorial.
n/a Points
2017-09-21 6:47 am


I have problem with adding fields.

I have enabled Editing, but when I choose from Menu of Choices nothing happened.

What it can be?

thank you.

11,043 Points
2017-09-21 9:14 am
Is the page loading constantly, or is there a blank screen, or are you getting a specific error?
n/a Points
2017-06-27 4:25 am

how do you prevent users for accessing other user's profile? I'm having a concern about privilege escaltion. Thank you

11,043 Points
2017-06-27 9:33 am
This privilege should be limited to the administrator. Are you having a particular issue with certain users escalating their privileges?
n/a Points
2016-02-13 9:49 pm

Thanks for the tutorial.

I'm looking to include a few fields (university, faculty, etc.) that the user needs to fill out in order to register. I have checked 'required' in the User Profile Fields page, but the fields aren't starred on the registration page and a user can register without entering them.

Is there another setting somewhere that configures this?

n/a Points
2015-02-27 1:57 pm

Anami you can add custom field in as described in above images... but i'm not getting why you want to add that field in DB, there are functions to get value of custom fields of user profile field

n/a Points
2014-08-27 10:59 am

scott thanx for quick response... i'm new to moodle n i was looking for something done by default... however this functionality is not avaliable i'll customize core files... thanx again

n/a Points
2015-02-27 4:58 am


    I want to create a new field 'role' in sign up page and also insert this data into mdl_user table in database.bout I can't create .can you help me

43,761 Points
2015-02-27 8:57 am
Hello Anami,
Have you followed the instructions above? Do they apply? Where are you having trouble?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-08-27 2:46 am


can we take values form db for a selection menu options in user profile fileds... for example i want ti display all available courses in a selection menu... is it possible??

43,761 Points
2014-08-27 10:47 am
Hello Moodler,

Most anything is possible in code. That does not sound beyond the realm of possibility, however this is not something that is done by default. It would require a custom code modification.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M

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