Blocking IP’s in the Moodle Site administrator

In Moodle 2.3, IP addresses can be blocked or allowed access to the site. Frequently, robots and other visitors can hit the Moodle site frequently causing the site to crash or hackers to attempt to compromise the site. To restrict Moodle’s access from the web, Moodle incorporated the IP blocker feature in the Site administration. IP’s can also be set so that only users from the school campus can access as well. This gives the administrator the ability to regulate the traffic. The following will explain how to block IP addresses in Moodle.

Using the IP blocker

  1. Log into the Moodle Dashboard
  2. block-ips

    Navigate to Site administration > Security > IP blocker in the Settings.

  3. block-ips-add

    Enter the IP’s in the Blocked IP’s list. Each IP needs to be on a separate line. IP ranges can be added as well. Once the IP’s are entered click Save changes.

Congratulations, now the IP’s that were entered will not be allowed to access the Moodle site. This concludes the article for Blocking IP’s in the Moodle Site administrator. For more information about articles with a similar topic, please visit Moodle site security.

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