cPanel updates in progress across network

Update: 12/6/2012 12:35PM EST – At this time all of our shared servers and dedicated servers have successfully had the latest cPanel security updates applied to them. Our VPS fleet of servers is still in the process of having these updates rolled out to them, so if you’re on a VPS server you could possibly still notice slight service degradation while these updates complete.

Our system administration team is currently in the process of rolling out a new urgent cPanel/WHM security release that came out today. Please note that while these updates are taking place there could be temporary spikes in server usage, and temporary unavailability of services.

These security updates are being rolled out after cPanel has stated these are important security updates that their own internal teams have found. They state that there is no reason to believe that the vulnerabilities are known to the public at this time.

InMotion Hosting takes a strong stance in regards to our customers’ security, so we are going ahead with the updates right away. cPanel should be releasing further information on the vulnerabilities patched on December 6 2012.

You can read the direct cPanel security notice from their website below:

IMPORTANT: Security Release cPanel & WHM 11.32

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