Upgrade Control Web Panel to a CWPpro License

Upgrade Control Web Panel to a CWPpro License

The free Control Web Panel (CWP) version is a great graphical control panel for most Linux system administrators. For serious resellers and medium sized businesses, a CWPpro license unleashes capabilities to better optimize website speed and secure data with automated security tools and other CWP plugins.

Control Web Panel Free or CWPpro?

In case you’re unsure what version of CWP you’re using, check the lower-right corner of your dashboard. You’ll either see a color-coded button stating you do or don’t have CWPpro.

Non-CWPpro users may have attempted to access a feature in the CWP dashboard only to see a “[CWPpro required]” notification. If you’re still on the fence about paying for a web hosting control panel, read our guide comparing the free or pro versions.

Preparing For Control Web Panel Pro

There are only a few requirements to prepare your server for a CWPpro license:

  1. Build a Linux instance running an Enterprise Linux-based operating system (OS) – AlmaLinux, CentOS Stream, Rocky, etc.
  2. Set up SSH access.
  3. Follow our guide covering how to Install Control Web Panel.
  4. Ensure your CWP server and OS packages are updated before continuing.

Purchase CWPpro Licenses

If you need licenses for over ten IP addresses or an IP range, check out their rates at https://control-webpanel.com/licenses-for-partners.

  1. Visit https://control-webpanel.com/cwppro to view pricing for each tier.
  2. At the bottom of the page select CWPpro or CWPpro + Managed Support which includes developer support.
    CWPpro upgrade options
  3. At the top you may see “CentOS Web Panel pro,” its former name. It still applies to Control Web Panel. Choose between the four billing cycle options – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
    Billing cycle and server IP
  4. At the bottom add your CWP server IP address. If needed, you can find this from the bottom of your CWP dashboard under “CWP Info.”
    CWP DNS info
    In a terminal session you can simply use the following command:
    hostname -i
  5. Select Add to Cart
  6. Fill out the form to create an account and select Complete Order.
    CWPpro shopping cart
  7. You’ll be redirected to an invoice page. You can change the payment method here if needed. At the top select Pay Now. Follow the instructions to complete the CWPpro license purchase.

You’ll receive an email stating your CWPpro license will be installed within 24 hours. Or, you can manually upgrade your server immediately from the terminal: 

sudo sh /scripts/update_cwp

You should now see “You are running CWPpro” in green at the bottom of your dashboard. 

Troubleshoot or Move CWPpro Licenses

For manual upgrades, if CWP doesn’t show CWPpro after a page refresh, try disabling your firewall and running the command again. Some users have reported in the official CWP forum that whitelisting one of CWP’s IP addresses ( in their firewall has fixed this issue. However, to ensure you can continually protect your data we recommend you email the CWP support team at https://control-webpanel.com/contact with your troubleshooting steps for further assistance.

You should also contact the CWP team directly if you need to:

  • Move CWPpro licenses to a different server IP
  • Change CWPpro licenses to different billing cycle or to change the managed support subscription

If you’ve experienced any other issues preventing you from upgrading to CWPpro, please comment below with how you resolved it.

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