CWP Log Paths

Logs are essential for server management, providing detailed records of activities and events that occur on your server. In Control Web Panel (CWP), logs are crucial for diagnosing issues, monitoring system performance, and ensuring security. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the log paths in CWP, helping you locate and understand the various logs Read More >

Install LiteSpeed Enterprise in Control Web Panel (CWP)

One of the fastest ways to secure Control Web Panel (CWP) is to use the LiteSpeed Enterprise web server which natively supports the HTTP/3 protocol. LiteSpeed Enterprise is a premium alternative to OpenLiteSpeed with better security and performance. CWP does not support OpenLiteSpeed at this time. Although most LiteSpeed Enterprise licenses require a paid subscription, Read More >

Install Django 4 on Control Web Panel

Django is a Python-based web framework focused on speed, security, and scalability. It is used for various applications including user authentication, administration panels, content management, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Many choose to install Django for its minimal prerequisites (Python) and ability to integrate with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and many other niche software. If using Read More >

Control Web Panel (CWP) Cron Jobs

Crontab, short for “cron table,” is a Linux program for maintaining and scheduling cron jobs. Common tasks you might automate include: When only using the terminal, novice programmers may find themselves researching cron job syntax for their preferred schedule since “* * * * *” doesn’t include any contextual clues. Control Web Panel fixes this Read More >

How to Update Control Web Panel (CWP)

Control Web Panel (CWP) Pro, or CWPpro, grants the ability to upgrade server applications from a graphical interface. As we recognize that many CWP sysadmins may be using the free version, we’re going to cover how to update CWP and system packages from the dashboard and the command-line interface (CLI). Automatic Control Web Panel Updates Read More >

Create MongoDB Databases in Control Web Panel (CWP)

MongoDB is a non-relational database management system (DBMS) that is great for processing unstructured data at blazing fast speeds. Apps that use MongoDB NoSQL solutions include the Rocket.Chat online communications platform and ApostropheCMS. Below we’ll cover how to install and manage MongoDB databases in Control Web Panel (CWP). Install MongoDB in Control Web Panel An Read More >

Create PostgreSQL Databases in Control Web Panel (CWP)

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) commonly used by developers strictly focused on free open-source software (FOSS). For example, the Mastodon social media and PeerTube video sharing Fediverse applications require you to create PostgreSQL databases. The Focalboard kanban app, created by the same developers responsible for the Mattermost chat software, is also Read More >

Install Softaculous in Control Web Panel (CWP)

The Softaculous instant installer, one of the various integrations natively included in Control Web Panel (CWP) – both free and CWPpro – can install over 400 popular web applications (the premium version) with just a few clicks. The types of apps available in the Softaculous Instant Installer range from content management systems (CMSs), analytics programs, Read More >

Upgrade Control Web Panel to a CWPpro License

The free Control Web Panel (CWP) version is a great graphical control panel for most Linux system administrators. For serious resellers and medium sized businesses, a CWPpro license unleashes capabilities to better optimize website speed and secure data with automated security tools and other CWP plugins. Control Web Panel Free or CWPpro? In case you’re Read More >

Control Web Panel (CWP) Backups

It can take a lot of time to fine-tune Control Web Panel (CWP), formerly CentOS Web Panel, to suit your needs. Once you’ve completed your configurations, you don’t want to lose your setup because of a cyber attack or data corruption. Keep reading to learn how to create and restore CWP backups. How to Create Read More >

Control Web Panel Server Scanners

Control Web Panel (CWP) Pro (formerly known as CentOS Web Panel) has many security plugin options available for installation. If you’re a CWPpro admin user, you can install and manage these integrations right from the dashboard – allowing you to scan for malicious software on your system. Below we’ll quick walk you through the security Read More >

ClamAV in Control Web Panel (CWP)

The Control Web Panel (CWP) Malware Scanner uses ClamAV, a free tool commonly used within defense-in-depth security solutions. ClamAV can detect suspicious signatures in files and emails. CWP has a graphical ClamAV interface to simplify popular antivirus features: ClamAV CWP Integration Want to better secure your cloud server? Install the CWP modules for ConfigServer Security Read More >

How to Install Control Web Panel

Control Web Panel (CWP) is a free server administration tool for Enterprise Linux-based distributions. A mature cPanel replacement, formerly known as CentOS Web Panel, CWP has the ability to manage everything you’d need within a cloud server: There’s also CWPpro, a premium version with additional features. However, all of those features can easily be replicated Read More >