Total Upkeep Tools

The Total Upkeep plugin does a lot more than schedule backups. Below we cover how to use the many Total Upkeep features available to help manage your BoldGrid website.

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View Total Upkeep Tools

  1. Log into BoldGrid.
  2. Select Tools under BoldGrid Backup.
  3. Local machine and web server info Local & Remote shows basic info on your local machine, web server, and remote storage settings.
    cron log Cron Log shows the status of any scheduled cron jobs.
    Total Upkeep log files History lists any errors recorded by the Total Upkeep tool.
    change history Total Upkeep History shows a running history of the changes to your WordPress files.
    list recently changed files Recently Modified Files searches for files changed within the specified amount of minutes.

To learn more about BoldGrid, check out our BoldGrid Education Center. For more information on security, check out our lists of WordPress backup plugins and security plugins.

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