A New Update to WordPress – Gutenberg – All You Need to Know

A New Update to WordPress – Gutenberg – All You Need to Know

There are some changes coming to WordPress that may affect your website. In an announcement from WordPress.org, WordPress update 4.9.8 will ask if you would like to install a new editor called Gutenberg. Before you hit that ‘Install” button, let’s go over how this editor will impact your website.

New Editor, New Changes

Being the most popular content management (CMS) system in the world, WordPress hasn’t always been the easiest to use. Editing and adding media in an organized way has always been a challenge. The creators of WordPress realized this and that there needed to be a better way to manage content. Over the past year, they have rebuilt the entire structure and design of the content editor. Instead of just adding spaces and being a bit restricted on how to arrange media, the development team at WordPress announced, Gutenberg, a super editor for editing and managing content.

Block Editing

WordPress’s current editor is a great place to write new text, but people use WordPress beyond just writing text. It’s used to build full web pages. Instead of struggling with content alignment with the open text editor, the creators of WordPress are bringing blocks where you can simply drag and drop your content where you’d like it. Not only will this save time with content layout but will allow for beautiful page designs. When you need to add some text or an image to a page, you can just add a block and drag it where you would like it. It’s seriously that simple.

Gutenberg comes with many different blocks. These blocks allow you to organize and manage your content. Current blocks offered include:

  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Quotes
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Gallery
  • Image Cover
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Columns
  • Code
  • List
  • Embeds
  • and many more in the future

Want to try to a preview of Gutenberg before installing it on your website? Use this link to access a preview on WordPress.org.

Will Gutenberg work with my theme?

The Gutenberg editor should work with all themes, but depending on the specific theme, there might be a few glitches and bugs that must be worked out. Some of the most popular themes have released information announcing compatibility. Be sure to check your theme’s website as they should have information about Gutenberg support.

Backup before installing

Before you hit that ‘install’ button, take a full backup of your website. This will protect all your content in case your theme or plugins aren’t compatible with Gutenberg. Learn how to backup your WordPress website.

Learn Gutenberg

As Gutenberg will eventually become the official WordPress text editor, it’s important that you learn how it works. Learn it quickly and effectively by:

  • Creating a staging website on a subdomain, install Gutenberg and your current website theme.
  • Check your theme compatibility. Try to edit all areas of your website. Create posts, pages, upload images, etc.
  • Fill every section with text or images, even if it’s fake information. If you leave blocks empty, you won’t learn how to work with them.
  • As you install and learn Gutenberg, if you notice something that doesn’t look correct, submit a WordPress bug ticket so it can be resolved before the official release.

Coming to WordPress 5.0

Yes, you read that correct. The new Gutenberg editor will be automatically built into WordPress version 5.0. There is currently not a set time on when WordPress 5.0 will be released, but it is estimated to go live Fall 2018. This new update will bring greater power and speed to WordPress, making it even more popular.

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