Using the Advanced Link Options in the Builder

When working with the builder and creating links to files, there are advanced options available that change the behavior of the link. Most of these options add different CSS attributes to the link. This tutorial will guide you on the advanced link options in the builder so you can further customize their behavior.

How to use the Advanced link options tab

  1. First, log into the Premium Website Builder.
  2. select edit optionFrom main page or the upper right menu, select the Edit step (Step 4).
  3. Once on the Edit page, click on the name of the page you want to work with from the Site Map found in the left hand sidebar.
  4. The page data will appear in the right hand panel of the screen. Highlight the text of your link and click on the Link button in the upper toolbar. It looks like a small globe with a chain link on it.
  5. When the link properties box appears, click on the Advanced tab.
  6. advanced link settings listThe Advanced tab has many options to help your links be optimized and change their behavior:
    IDThis is the specific identifier of the link,used in conjunction with CSS.
    Language DirectionThis sets the language direction (RTL) right to left, or (LTR)) left to right.
    Access KeyCreates an access key to the link, much like a keyboard shortcut.
    NameNames the link.
    Language CodeDefines the language code. For example English is en.
    Tab Index Creates a tab index, for when scrolling through links using the Tab key. 1 is first,2 is second, etc.
    Advisory TitleA description of the link that will appear when the cursor hovers over it.
    Advisory Content TypeSpecifies the type of content the link leads to (eg: “text/html”, “image/png”, etc)
    Stylesheet ClassesDefines the name of the CSS class used for formatting.
    Linked Resources CharsetThe charset of the link’s target.
    StyleFor you to enter individual style formatting such as color, font style or weight, etc. It is for in-line CSS.
  7. Once you have entered the data for whichever advanced options you want to use, click on the OK button to save the changes.

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