Installing a theme in Zencart

You can upload and install a theme you downloaded from the internet to your Zencart installation on your server. In this tutorial we are going to install the Bask Black theme. Below are the steps to install and activate a custom theme in Zencart.Below are the steps to install and activate a custom theme in Zencart.

Important! Make sure you Backup all your Zencart files and database. This is to prevent loss of data from a failed theme installation.

Steps to change the Zencart theme

  1. Upload the theme zip file to your Zencart installation directory.
  2. Log into your Zencart dashboard.
  3. Zencart Template selection

    Go to Tools > Template Selection.

  4. Template name Zencart

    Click the name of the “Classic Contemporary Green” template.

  5. Select the name Zencart

    The template settings will load on the right in the “Edit Template Settings” box. Select the template from the “Template name” drop box.

  6. Click update Zencart

    Click the Update button.

  7. Layout boxes Zencart

    Go the Tools > Layout Boxes Controller.

  8. reset the layout boxes Zencart

    Click the Reset button at the bottom of the page.

    New settings Zencart

    The column boxes will show in green that they were successfully activated.

  9. New Theme Zencart

    Visit your Zencart website. You should see the theme changed like the snapshot to the right.

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