Inserting Images using HTML

Most websites have pictures or images in them. Inserting images into websites is easy in HTML.  All that you need is one line of code, and the location of the file either on your own server or linked from a different server.

First, you will need to open up the source code for the webpage and then navigate to where you would like to insert the image.  The basic HTML tag for an image is <img src>.  Img src stands for “image source” and refers to where the image is located.  Since images do not have any text to be displayed the tag does not need to be closed as with other tags such as the <p>.

If you have your images in a folder called Images (remember that file names and folder are case sensitive and Index is not the same as index), then the code needed would look like:

<img src=”Images/____.jpg” />

That is it!  If your image is called my-image.jpg, then the required HTML code would be:

<img src=”Images/my-image.jpg” />

There are a few other modifications you can do with image tags however we will discuss those later on the the series of tutorials.

Please check the next article on Changing the Image Alignment. For more information on this course please visit Inserting Images into a Website

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