How do I add links to my sidebar in the Builder?

When building your Premium Web Builder site, you will notice that the sidebar is blank. This area cannot be edited in the “Edit” section of your builder. The reason this is blank is because the “Your Site Structure” section in the “Pages” have no sub pages added to them (See images to the below).

Why sidebar is empty
Page viewBuilder View
Preview no sidebar links Premium Web Builder

You Site Structure Premium Web Builder

Adding sidebar links to the builder

  1. Log into the web builder.
  2. Go to the “Pages” tab.
  3. Drag page to sub menu Premium Web Builder

    On the “Your Site Structure” area, drag the page you want as a sidebar link over the name of the page where the sidebar will show.

  4. Site Structure Tree Premium Web Builder

    You will see the page show as a submenu in the “Your Site Structure” tree.
    Your Site Structure after adding page Premium Web Builder

    Repeat the same process till you have the pages show as a sub page in the tree.

  5. Publish the Premium Web Builder

    Publish the site.

  6. Final view of sidebar links Premium Web Builder

    Look at your site now and see the sidebar links on your home page.

Next you will need to make External links to your Internal pages in your sidebar on your other pages. Please see our next tutorial on Linking to your pages in the sidebar of your Builder.

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