unrar and rar Commands

unrar is a command line application for extracting compressed Roshal Archive (.rar) files on *nix-based operating systems. 7-Zip, PeaZip, and GNOME Archive Manager are good graphical applications for managing compressed files on desktop systems. But depending on your workflow, you may need a solution available on your Linux VPS. Note that the terminal application is Read More >

How to Compare Files With Diff

There are an infinite number of situations in which you will be required to compare two files to see where they are the same or different. This is especially important when managing multiple configuration files in a private server. You can analyze each file yourself line by line, but that could take a ridiculously long Read More >

Why Is Grep Returning No Matches?

The grep (“go to regular expression and print”) command line utility is one of the most important programs in your Unix toolkit, and indispensable when managing your own private server. Grep is a powerful search tool that can help you find patterns in critical files (and directories). It can also search recursively within multiple files Read More >