How to get help for programs from external forums

While we do our best to help each customer with their problems regarding the program they are using, there are times when you may need to consult those who know the ins and outs of your particular program better than we do. While we can help with most programs’ general settings and behavior, and most things server and database related, there are times when an issue may be too deep. You may have found a bug in the program, or want a particular feature to do something it doesn’t quite do. In these cases, even we may be at our limits of assistance.

Most programs, whether a Content Management System (CMS), eCommerce, forum, wiki, etc… have their own support forum at the application’s main site. These are patrolled not only by administrators who know the coding, but many other users that work with the product on a deeper level. Many times, someone on the forum has already had the exact problem you are experiencing and there is a solution already there. If not, there may be coders who can delve into the depths and investigate the issue.

Below are links for the forums for several of the programs our customers use. If you do not see your program listed here, leave a comment below or use the Your Opinion Matters! to the right and let us know what program you were looking for. We will add any existing link that fits.

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