Margin vs Padding

When working with Cascading Style Sheets, also known as CSS, it is likely that you will encounter the concept of margin vs padding. While these two concepts are generally interchangeable in the context of everyday conversation, in CSS they represent two distinct aspects of website design. Through the use of margins and padding, page elements Read More >

How to Start a Private Browsing Session

In some instances of troubleshooting your website, it may be necessary to clear your web browser’s cache. However, since clearing your cache will log you out of currently logged in sessions, you can circumvent the need to clear your cache, by using a private browsing session. IMPORTANT: If you are attempting to replicate a particular Read More >

How to Update Your Web Browser

A Web Browser is the application that is used to display websites on the Internet. The most common web browsers are Chrome (Google), Safari (Apple), Firefox (Mozilla), and Internet Explorer/Edge (Windows). If you are using an older version of any of these applications, it is strongly recommended that you update it, to ensure that security Read More >

How to get help for programs from external forums

While we do our best to help each customer with their problems regarding the program they are using, there are times when you may need to consult those who know the ins and outs of your particular program better than we do. While we can help with most programs’ general settings and behavior, and most Read More >