Resource Guide — Backing Up Your WordPress Site

Backing up WordPress

The idea of backing up your data isn’t new. From documents to spreadsheets and even games, we all know saving our data is an important rule of digital life.   

Of course, this rule also extends to your website. Backing up your WordPress site is critical for the health and safety of your business and online presence. It allows you to make updates to your site without worry and protects you from malicious hackers — giving you the ability to quickly and easily restore your website with a backup should anything go wrong. [Of note, when completing site updates, you can also create a duplicate of your website for testing and production.]

There are a few ways you can backup your WordPress website, including backup plugins, cPanel, over email, and more. In addition, you can create, schedule, restore, download, and delete backups as needed. 

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Articles for Backing Up Your WordPress Site

Create WordPress Backup

Schedule WordPress Backup

Download WordPress Backup

Restore WordPress Backup

Delete WordPress  Backup

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Thoughts on “Resource Guide — Backing Up Your WordPress Site

  • Excellent stuff from you. I’ve read your things before and you are just too awesome. I adore what you have got right here. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart.This is truly a great blog thanks for sharing.

  • Let me make sure I understand, my goog back up is in Word Press, but when I today do a backup via C-Panel, will that really override my yesterday WP backup.  Or can I only backup from C-Panel everything else, except the infomation that is backed up on WP dashboard.  Basically can Ip provide the new host, my WP dashboard back up, and something something something from the C-Panel that does not contain data from my WP backup.  I really appreciate your help.

    • Hello Dan,

      That would be a question for your host. For example, we do provide full cPanel backup restoration or full file transfers from other hosts but not piecemeal transfers where only a handful of files come from one place and then another set of files from another. However, if one was to do a full cPanel backup and then have a WP file and database backup overlayed on top, we may be able to do that. Again, ask the hosting provider the specifics. It can be done, but whether they offer the service is the thing.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  • Question.  I am using WordPress and I have a good backup done via (WordPress Dashboard), now today I was given my username/password for my C-Panel for this website.  The issue was that last night I had a samll cyber attack and I had a person add a block code to stop access from  Again my early morning backup is perfect, but if I do a backup now via C-Panel the block code will be back up too.  I was assured from that they removed my website from their website. I am planning to transfer my domain from one provider to another, can I provided them with my good backup (via WordPress Dashboard), or they will require me to make another backup via C-Panel.  Please advice and thank you.

    • Hello Dan,

      If you have not made any changes since the last good backup and do not want to block hitleap any longer, you should be fine with that last good one and not need to create a new backup. The host you want to transfer to is simply looking for a full cPanel backup, the content of that backup is entirely up to you.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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