How Long Does It Take to Set Up VPS Web Hosting?

VPS Web Hosting: How Long Does it Take to Set Up?

A question we hear often is, “How long does it take to set up VPS Web Hosting?” This depends on what you’d like to accomplish with your VPS. But, we believe you’ll find everything you need to get started when you first log in.

What Makes VPS Web Hosting Different?

VPS hosting is one step beneath having a physical, dedicated server (which is the ultimate hosting environment). A VPS gives you the freedom and privileges of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost.

At the same time, you get a lot of the same great user-friendly features you’d get in shared hosting including:

  • Free AutoSSL for all domains and subdomains
  • cPanel server management software
  • Softaculous Instant Installer

And an added bonus, you get WebHost Manager (WHM) for advanced server configuration and managing cPanel users.

No matter what you intend to do with your VPS web hosting, the best place to start is our Managed VPS Product Guide. This is not only a great starting point but also a great page to bookmark for future reference.

Below we’ll cover some notable features of cPanel VPS Hosting:

User Privileges

With your cPanel-managed VPS account, you can create multiple SSH users. This means if you don’t speak server, you can have an external user login and help you with system admin duties.

It would be easy to give them root access, but this could create a security hazard. Rather, you can easily create an SSH “sudo” user who can execute advanced commands but doesn’t have complete root access. And you can easily delete this user later.

You could also enlist the aid of an expert on our Managed Hosting team for consulting and assistance with advanced server configurations.

Child Accounts and Server Management

Are you ready for full server management? Your VPS makes it easy.

If you decide you’d like to portion off your hosting for other users who want to host their own website, you can easily do that by creating multiple cPanel accounts from WHM and passing along login details. In that situation you’d be creating, or reselling, shared cPanel-server hosting accounts for users. The difference here is that you are the cPanel server administrator that decides what each user can do with their cPanel accounts.

Each cPanel user will have their portion of the total server resources. So if someone becomes a problem due to malware or excessive resource usage, you can suspend them from WHM with a few clicks. That’s easy, fast, and simple server management at your fingertips.

Save Time and Money with VPS Web Hosting

Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to what you want to do with VPS web hosting.

All of the features and services listed above can take a matter of minutes (not hours). That means you can depend on having more time available for your most important tasks.

Learn more about how to get more out of VPS Hosting. Or, learn more about server management from our Managed VPS Hosting Product Guide.

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