How to Set Up Custom Nameservers for Resellers

With your reseller account, you have the ability to set up custom nameservers. This means your customers can point their domains to your hosting account with your unique branding. Instead of using the InMotion Hosting default nameservers your customers can use your custom nameservers.

Create the Nameservers as A Records

  1. Log into your cPanel for the domain you want to edit.
  2. Write down your server IP address since you will use it later.
  3. Under Domains select Advanced Zone Editor
  4. Create new A records for your nameservers
    Field name Example
    Name Enter the nameserver information,
    TTL You can enter any positive number here, but the standard is 14400
    Type Select A
    Address Enter your IP address


Activate Nameservers with Registrar

If you have your domain registered through your InMotion Hosting account you can complete this step through your Account Management Panel (AMP). If your domain is not registered with your account here and you are using a third party registrar, you will need to contact them directly to step up glue records. You will need to provide them the IP address you wrote down previously.

Activating Your Custom Nameservers in AMP

  1. Log into AMP
  2. Under Domains choose Manage Domains
  3. Choose the domain you want to manage
  4. Select Create Custom Nameservers
  5. Under Host Name: enter your custom nameserver information
  6. Under IP Address: enter your IP address
  7. Repeat for your secondary nameserver Host Name. (
  8. Click Submit

Assigning Nameservers in WHM

  1. Log into WHM
  2. Choose Server Configuration from the left side panel and select Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
  3. Enter your nameserver hostnames in the fields under Nameservers

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