Chrome and FireFox vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities have been discovered in two very popular browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox. The vulnerabilities are different for each browser and are detailed below:

Mozilla Firefox

Vulnerability identifiers:
CVE-2016-2818, CVE-2016-2819, CVE-2016-2821, CVE-2016-2822, CVE-2016-2828, CVE-2016-2831

Flaws were found in how the browser processes malformed web content. This could lead to a page with malicious content causing FireFox to crash, or possibly even execute script code with the same privileges as the user. You can find more information about the multiple vulnerabilities here.

If you are not on Firefox ESR 45.2.0 or FireFox 47, update your browser immediately to receive the security patches. The current versions of FireFox are 47 and 45.2.0 (ESR).

Mozilla patched the issues with the release of FireFox version 45.2.0 ESR and Mozilla Firefox version 47.

Google Chrome

Vulnerability identifier: CVE-2016-1681

The issue in Google Chrome affects the built in PDF reader (PDFium). This has the possibility to allow code execution. You can find more information on this vulnerability at the Center for Internet Security. Google has patched this issue in Chrome version 51.0.2704.63. If you are not on that version or higher, please update immediately. The latest version of Chrome is: 51.0.2704.84.

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