How to Create a PeerTube Account

PeerTube is an ActivityPub compliant YouTube alternative that can federate with Mastodon and other federated social media platforms. There are public instances of the Fediverse app that cater to many unique communities, similar to any other video hosting platforms. Vimeo is beloved by many professional videographers. Dailymotion can have some rare gems that were wiped Read More >

Hyperspace App – Mastodon Desktop Client

The Hyperspace app is a simplistic Mastodon desktop client available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and web server hosting. If you wish for deeper customization of default post settings when using Mastodon, this might be for you. Install the Hyperspace App Setup Hyperspace How to Use Hyperspace Personalize Hyperspace Install the Hyperspace App Visit to Read More >

How to Customize Pleroma Account Settings

There are many different custom features you can integrate into your Pleroma account. In this article, you will learn about how to access your personal settings, including your display name, avatar, and background image settings. These are the basic settings you can use to customize your profile in a creative way. How To Access Pleroma Read More >

Whalebird Mastodon Desktop Client

Whalebird, not to be confused with Whalebird kombucha drink, is a free Mastodon desktop client available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. One of the developers’ selling points is that the user interface (UI) mirrors Slack and similar chat systems. They’re right, and we’ll show you why in the screenshots below. Whalebird is a stable, feature-rich Read More >

TheDesk Mastodon Desktop Client

TheDesk is a free Mastodon desktop client available for Windows, Linux, and macOS users. Although it still has some bugs, TheDesk is fully-featured with the ability to manage multiple Mastodon social media accounts and trending hashtags within highly customizable columns, truly fit for a Fediverse social media manager. TheDesk has limited support for Pleroma accounts Read More >

How to Create a Mastodon Account

If you want to join a Fediverse application, the best way to start is probably with a Mastodon account. The Mastodon social network is active and organized enough for you to find a community that best shares your interests. The microblogging platform also makes a good choice for private remote team communications. Below we’ll cover Read More >

How to Add Terms of Service to Your Pleroma Site

Just about any website you visit will have some terms of service that both parties abide by regarding the usage of the site and external factors. And your Pleroma site is no different. Pleroma provides an easy way to edit the site’s terms of service and, by default, will display your terms to new users Read More >

Pleroma Posting and Text Formatting

Now that you have set up a Pleroma social media site on your private server, it’s time to start posting and interacting with other users. Posting is the primary method, along with direct messages and chat, for users to interact with each other’s content. In this article, you will learn the basics of postings and Read More >

Pleroma Custom Emojis – How To Create And Upload

The Pleroma social media app allows you to add custom emojis to your site. This gives you more options for creativity and expression beyond the standard emoji sets offered by operating system. Why send the same smileys and vegetable emojis when you can create any emoji you want. Adding custom emojis is a great way Read More >

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