Using CSS in your Website

We’ve mentioned previously that there are three methods of using CSS: external, internal, and inline.  In this tutorial we will go over each method with more detail. Creating an External Style Sheet An external style sheet, is a separate file storing all of your formatting.  Then for each page that you want to use that Read More >

Using External, Internal CSS Stylesheets and Inline Styles

To add CSS styles to your website, you can use three different ways to insert the CSS. You can Use an “External Stylesheet“, an “Internal Stylesheet“, or in “Inline Style“. The benefit for using each depends on what you are doing with the Style.The following table explains the difference between them. Different CSS style linking Read More >

Introduction to CSS

Every modern website uses CSS to change the look and feel of the website. CSS is a standard that is required for modern browsers to function correctly. CSS is a w3c standard and necessary to understand website coding. This article will explain what CSS is and how it works. What is CSS? CSS stands for Read More >