Video Tutorial on How to Use the Builder to Build a Website

The following video tutorial will show you how to build a simple website using the Premium Web Builder from Plesk. This video is a quick overview of using the Builder. Please reference the tutorials available for the Premium Web Builder if you have any further questions. How to use the Builder to Create a Quick Read More >

FAQ: Adding Images or Graphics in the Builder

The requirements and interface differ for each section where you can add graphics within the Builder. You can add graphics in the design (banner and logos), the editor (for a blog/forum/common page), Adding a picture to a blog/forum/common page uses a picture optimized for website use. This means that the image will be considerably smaller Read More >

Understanding the Image Gallery in the Builder

Creating an image gallery or photo gallery are the exact same thing. The following video shows you how to create an image gallery using the image upload option. Review our article on Creating a Photo Gallery if you require further instruction. The following article explains file formats, image upload and resizing options when working with Read More >

Dealing with comment spam

A common issue with forums, blogs, photogalleries, or any website where public comments can be added is something called comment spam. Basically, some unscrupulous people have taken the time to make automated programs that added nonsense comments in order to spread links to malware sites, or advertisements for an unwanted product or service – much Read More >

Changing the Page and File names in the Builder

The page and file names in the Builder are basically named page1, page2, etc. These can easily be changed to something that makes more sense to you or a viewer. The following article explains how to change this name in the Builder. Page and file renaming in the Builder Login to the Builder Click on Read More >

316: How to enable the content editor toolbar in the builder

When working with the Premium Website Builder to design your site, you will see there are many areas to understand and get used to. One of these is the Edit interface. This is Step 4 and is the area where you will enter content for all of the pages that will display on your site. Read More >

315: Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility with the Premium Web Builder

With the recent Microsoft upgrade to Internet Explorer 10, many Premium Web Builder developers noticed issues when editing pages on the Edit section of the builder interface. The pages will only display a small amount of HTML code in the Edit window. See the snapshot to the right. Enabling Compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 10 Read More >

314: How to remove active pages from the Builder menu

When creating your site with the Premium Website Builder, you create the pages in the third step. This step is also used to create the site menu that appears on the page. By default, all pages added in the third step are automatically added to the menu. If you want to create a page but Read More >

313: How to use Google Web Fonts for your builder

One of the most frequent questions we see when working with the builder is about whether the title or subtitle fonts in the header area can be changed. The answer is both Yes and No. No, it cannot be changed from within the builder itself as it is hard coded as part of your selected Read More >