Schedule IP Blacklist Email Reports in CSF

We have many resources to help prevent your mail servers from being blacklisted such as our email authentication guide and blacklist checker. VPS owners with ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) installed can also complete scans and schedule email reports for their domain and server IP addresses within WHM.

Schedule Scans Scan Now

Schedule Scan Reports

Scheduling reports allows you to focus on other matters requiring a proactive approach such as security and web analytics.

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. Select ConfigServer Security & Firewall from the menu.
  3. Select Check for IPs in RBLs.
    Press Check for IPs in real-time blacklist

  4. At the bottom select never, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly reports and the recipient email account.
    Set email report schedule

  5. On the first day of the selected time-frame you’ll receive an email report with the specified results.
    Monthly email report example

Scan Now

There are two options to complete a blacklists now:

  1. Update All Checks (standard) to report issues only.
    Starting normal scan

    Normal scan results

  2. Update All Checks (verbose) to report all results.
    Starting verbose scan

    Verbose scan results

    Links for removal per blacklist and other options are also displayed.

You may want consider an email filter – not to be confused with email forwarders – forwarding these emails to a specific folder. You can review our delisting guide for any results stating you’ve been blacklisted. Also, is another great resource for checking your IP’s against blacklists.


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