How to send an Email to your Subscribers

In the last few articles, we’ve installed DaDa Mail, and set up a basic mailing list. At this point, you are ready to send emails to your subscribers. In this article, we’ll walk through the basic process of sending out an email to your mailing list.

To begin, go to your login screen wherever you installed DaDa Mail. In our tutorial we installed it in the main cgi-bin on the doc root of, so our URL is:


Click on Administration at the bottom of the screen. Now, you will need to enter your List Password:


Once Logged in, you will be presented with a screen to send an email message. It should look like the screen shot below:


Message Header: It is pre-filled. You can change it however, you do not need to if you do not want to.


Message Body: This is where you will type the message you are sending to the subscribers. You can use HTML, however if you are unfamiliar with HTML formatting it may be best to use the PlainText Version.


Archiving: This section is where you can select to “archive” or store the message for future reference.


Partial Mailing List Sending: This section allows you to set up a rule to email specific email subscribers in your mailing list:


File Attachments: You can attach files such as photos, PDF’s, or anything else here to share with your lists members.


Subscriber Profile Field Tags: This gives you “code” you can insert into your message to personalize your message to your subscribers.


Once you are done making your selections and creating your email, you are ready to click “Submit Mailing List Message”


You will get a confirmation message and you can accept it to send your message.


You can will be presented a screen showing you the lists progress:


You’ve now successfully sent your first message to your Lists Subscribers.

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