WordPress 3.8 has been released

WordPress has just released version 3.8 which includes many new features further solidifying it into the go-to CMS for beginner and advanced users alike.

What’s new?

Responsive design

WordPress has implemented responsive design elements which will allow all users, regardless of screen size or device, to fully enjoy your site. If you are not familiar with responsive design elements, it allows the site to automatically adjust to the user that is visiting the site so that users will get the same great experience on the site, regardless of if they are on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

New admin style

WordPress 3.8 admin dashboard

The admin design has been completely changed to fully integrate the MP6 layout, making it fully responsive and much sleeker. Not only do users get a beautifully sleek black WordPress admin, but it can even be changed to several colors to further personalize the user experience.

New Twenty Fourteen theme

Twenty Fourteen theme design

WordPress 3.8 ships with a beautiful, responsive theme that matches the beauty of the new admin. While many users simply used the default theme to build upon, the Twenty Fourteen can even be used as-is to deliver and extremely attractive site that looks great on all devices.

Refined theme management

WordPress 3.8 Themes page

The theme management page has been refined to allow for easier theme selection. Thumbnails have been made much larger and show the look and feel of the theme much better than ever before.

Clickable widget selection

WordPress 3.8 Widgets page

Instead of the previous widget selection screen where widgets had to be dragged and dropped to a desired widget area, widgets can now be clicked and the areas selected from there making it a much more attractive and simple process to add new widgets to your site.


WordPress Updates page in WordPress 3.8

Thanks to WordPress’ great upgrade features, WordPress can be upgraded from directly within the admin by clicking the Updates menu item on the top left. Users that have automatic updates enabled for major releases will see this right away without touching a button.

Release notes

While we cannot list every change to WordPress in the 3.8 release, it does feature many other changes that may not apply to all users. The full changelog is available on WordPress.org. We’re always excited when a new version of WordPress is released, so be sure to like the InMotion Hosting Facebook page to get updates in your timeline!

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