WordPress Pattern Directory

WordPress Pattern Directory

WordPress 5.8 is just around the corner, and with it comes the introduction of the all-new Pattern Directory for WordPress block patterns

These new features mark the beginning of WordPress transitioning to a full site editing experience via the Gutenberg block editor. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the pattern directory and its initial goals, and tell you how it and block patterns are bringing WordPress closer to its goal of full site editing. 

What is The Pattern Directory?

The WordPress Pattern Directory is a new directory that will be launched with the release of WordPress 5.8 on July 20.

It is a publicly viewable site where users can view, copy, and use user-submitted block patterns for elements such as buttons, columns, galleries, headers, images, and text.

The Pattern Directory is a publicly viewable site where users can view, copy, and use user-submitted block patterns.

Block Patterns

Introduced with the release of WordPress 5.5, block patterns are a collection of predefined blocks that WordPress users can insert into posts and pages with the simple click of a button and then customize with their own content.

These patterns give users the ability to easily create and modify engaging layouts for their content and brings WordPress closer to its goal of transitioning to full site editing.

As the list of available patterns continues to grow, so too does the need for a place to store, access, and download those patterns. Enter the new WordPress Pattern Directory. 

Pattern Directory Goals

The Pattern Directory will operate similarly to the Plugin and Theme directories, providing a one-stop-shop where users can search for, preview, and add block patterns to their WordPress websites. 

It is still in its infancy, but the WordPress Core team has the following goals in mind for the initial launch in WordPress 5.8:

  • All users will be able to browse through patterns on the Pattern director either by searching or based on pattern categories
  • Anyone can see a live preview of a pattern, and use it on their site by copying the block code. The live previews will also include a resizing toolbar that allows users to see what their patterns will look like on a variety of different screen sizes. 
  • WP.org users will be able to create and share Block Patterns, as well as view and manage their submitted patterns
  • Users will be able to choose Patterns from a set of curated images and media for use, but not from uploaded media
  • All submitted Block Patterns will go through a basic validation/automated moderation process
  • The block editor will be able to search and fetch core patterns from the pattern directory

Once the WordPress team has set up and launched a working pattern directory, they are considering the following ideas to focus on next:

  • The directory will only be  available in English at launch, but they would like to internationalize the directory and all available patterns
  • Adding the ability to forking an existing pattern to allow users to iterate on it, or to translate it
  • Improve the available media collection for use
  • Add UI to allow for the searching and browsing of third party patterns using the block editor

Full Site Editing

Block patterns and the all-new Pattern Directory are both good indicators that WordPress is well on its way to transitioning to a full site editing experience. 

 Full site editing is a term used to collectively represent a set of new WordPress features that aim to make entire websites customizable by turning the block editor into a full-fledged page builder. It is the primary goal of WordPress 5.8. 

With full site editing, users will be able to use Gutenberg blocks to customize all the aspects of a WordPress website, not just post and page content. 

The release of WordPress 5.8 isn’t far away, but eager users can test out the new Pattern Directory and full site editing by downloading the WordPress 5.8 Release Candidate

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