Cache Mobile pages with the WordPress Super Cache and WPTouch Plugin

When creating a WordPress site, you may discover that items on your site are not supported in Mobile browsers. In this case, your WordPress site will need a mobile based capability. One problem with Mobile versions of WordPress sites is the caching. This article will teach you how to enable Mobile website support in your WordPress Super Cache plugin.

Note! The results will vary based on the Theme and the caching plugin you are using. In this tutorial, we are using the WP Super Cache plugin.

An external plugin is required for the WordPress to be cached. In this tutorial we will install the WordPress WPTouch Mobile plugin.

Installing the WPTouch plugin

Before you can use WP Super Cache for your mobile website pages you will need to install a mobile plugin that converts your website to a mobile version. In this tutorial we are using the WPtouch plugin version.

  1. WPTouch plugin WordPressLog into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Install the WPTouch mobile plugin.Once installed you will see the WPTouch link in the Settings.
    WPTouch settings WordPress

    The WPTouch admin dashboard looks like the snapshot to the right.

Enabling Mobile support with Super Cache

Once you have the WPTouch mobile plugin installed, you can enable the WPTouch plugin in the WP Super Cache dashboard.

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Select WP Suoper Cache from settings WordPressGo to Settings > WP Super Cache.
  3. Click Advanced WordPressClick the Advanced tab.
  4. Enable mobile device support WordPressBy default, you should see the Mobile Device Support check box checked. If not, check the checkbox and Save the changes.
  5. Plugins WordPressClick the Plugin tab.
  6. Click update to enable WPTouch in Super Cache WordPressIn the WPtouch section, click the enabled radio button and click Update.That’s is it. You will now have cached pages for your WordPress mobile site.

5 thoughts on “Cache Mobile pages with the WordPress Super Cache and WPTouch Plugin

  1. Thanks so much. This is of great help.
    Hope someday Inmotion starts its own wp plugin for its hosting customers. I am one among the customer. Would be of great help.
    Anyways, thanks again.

  2. No matter what I do I cannot get this to work.  Even after turning the super cache on and off along with deleting the cache. It will alawys show the desktop version in mobile!

    1. Hello B Gruber,

      If you fully deactivate the plugin does it still show the desktop version on mobile devices? Can you provide your url so we may try to troubleshoot further.

      Best Regards,
      TJ Edens

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