How to Add a Social Media feed to WordPress with the Twine Social plugin

In this article, we will teach you how to integrate an attractive social media feed into WordPress using the Twine Social plugin for WordPress. Since discovering it, it has become my favorite social media plugin for WordPress.

Installing the Twine Social plugin to WordPress

As the Twine Social plugin is within the WordPress plugin directory, installation is a breeze. If you already have the plugin installed, you may skip this part and head on over to the next section.

  1. First, you will need to log into your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Next, the plugin installation page will need to be located. To do so, click on Plugins on the left side of the dashboard, then click on Add New. You will then be prompted with a field that you may search for plugins in. Searching for “Twine Social” will give you the plugin that you are looking for within the first result.

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    Once the Twine Social plugin is located, click Install Now. WordPress will then automatically handle both the download and installation of the plugin for you. Once it is done, just click on Activate Plugin to ensure that it is now active.

Signing up at Twine Social to integrate into WordPress

To use the Twice Social plugin on your WordPress site, you will first need to have a Twine Social account. In the next steps, we will walk you through creating a free account with Twine Social.

  1. First visit the Twine Social signup page.

  2. Next, click on one of the buttons to sign up with either Facebook or Twitter. On this page, you will be taken to a simple signup form in that you will sign up with your new username, password, and email address. Fill out this information and press Submit.

  3. After you have submitted your form, you should then be taken to your account dashboard and your account is now all set up and ready to use.

Adding social media accounts to Twine Social

Of course, no social media plugin is any good without your social media accounts to display. In the next steps, we will walk you through adding various social media accounts to your Twine Social account.

Once in your Twine Social account, click up on the left menu option that says “Networks”. If you scroll down, you will see a button that says “Add a Social Media Connection”. Clicking on this will allow you to add any social media networks that you need to add.

Integrating your Twine Social account to the WordPress plugin

Now that your Twine Social account is all set up, you will just need to add it to the Twine Social WordPress plugin. To access your the Twine Social settings within your WordPress dashboard, first click on “Settings”, then “Twine Social Settings” to the left side of your WordPress admin.

Once on the Twine Social plugin settings page, you will need to add your Twine Social account number.

To find your Twine Social account number, first log into Twine Social, then click on Settings up at the top right. Here, you will see a box appear with your account number listed.

Now that you have your Twine Social account number, simply enter it into the box on the Twine Social plugin settings page. Once added, all of your social media accounts that were previously added to the Twine Social dashboard, are now integrated with the Twine Social plugin.

Creating the Twine Social feed page in WordPress

When using the Twine Social plugin, it is very easy to then create the Twine Social page that displays all of your social media posts.

On the Twine Social settings page, there is an option that says “Add a Twine Social Page”. Here, you will select your Twine Social application name, the WordPress page title that you want to be displayed, and how many columns are shown. Below this, There are 2 options. If you want to set your Twine Social page to be your home page, you can select that button. Personally, I was Twine Social to be on a separate page that users can browse to so I would select the “Add page” button.

Once you have added the Twine Social page, your posts should now display on that page for all of your users to see. As you can see from here, it is very attractive and works extremely well.

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