Changing the Appearance of the Calendar in Moodle

After learning about Moodle Blocks, the administrator may want to customize the appearance of the calendar block. Because each school will have different Calendars, Moodle allows the admin to change the Calendar appearance to suit each schools needs. For example, many schools have classes Monday through Thursday and no classes on Friday to Sunday. In this case, the calendar can be edited to display only those parameters when displayed to the students. This article will explain the Appearance settings for the calendar in Moodle 2.3.

Editing the Appearance of the Calendar

  1. Log into the Moodle Dashboard
  2. calender-appearance-1-click-moodle

    Navigate to the Site administration > Appearance > Calendar in the Settings section on the left.

  3. calender-appearance-2-settings-moodle

    On the Calendar page, the following table shows the settings that are available for customizing the Calendar.

    Calendar Appearance Settings
    Admins see allEnables or disables whether the Admin sees all calendar events or just those that apply to them.
    Time display formatThe calendar can be set to 24 hour format (Military) or 12 hour (AM/PM) format.
    Start of weekChanges the day the week starts on. Default is Sunday.
    Weekend daysHere the weekdays can be specified. The default is Saturday and Sunday.
    Days to look aheadSets the amount of days the calendar will display future events. Default is 21 days.
    Events to LookaheadSets the quantity of events that will show. Can be limited to a certain number. The default is 10 events.
    Enable calendar exportDisables or enables the users ability to download or export the Calendar. Default is Yes.
    Calendar export saltThis is a security feature that creates a Token for authenticating users that are exporting the Calendar.


    The default settings will look like the snapshot to the left. For Instruction purposes, change the following:

    Start of Week to Monday
    Weekend days to Sunday, Friday, and Saturday

    Click Save changes.

  4. calender-appearance-4-after-moodle

    Now when viewing the Calendar, the appearance will look like the snapshot to the right.

This concludes the article for Changing the Appearance of the Calendar in Moodle. The next block to consider customizing is the Navigation block, Please see Configuring the Navigation block in Moodle. For more information about articles about Moodle’s appearance, please visit Changing the Appearance of Moodle.

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