Moodle Activity or Resource Overview


Before starting on the Activities and Resources for the Moodle Courses, please be sure to review the previous section on Creating Courses in Moodle. Activities and Resources are features in Moodle courses that allow interactivity or provide documentation for the student to use for achieving their academic goals. This article is based on the Moodle 2.3 version.


When visiting the Course as an administrator, on the right hand side of each section there is a link labeled Add an activity or resource. Click that link to view the options for adding content to the Course section.

Important! Keep in mind that Editing must be turned on in the Settings section in order to edit any of these options.

The Add an activity or resource box will display with the options available for adding content to course section. Here is where the interactivity and materials needed for the users to take the course is added. The right illustration shows the list of modules available. The following section will give a brief description of each available item for the Course sections.

Description of the Activity and Resource options


Assignments Teachers can create, grade and comment on assignments.
Chat Built in chat system for users to communicate through Moodle.
Choice Creates a multiple choice questionnaire.
Database Gives the user the ability to create and edit multiple data entries.
External tool Users can interact with external websites. (Requires an LTI compliant site).
Forum Integrated forum within the course section for commenting.
Glossary Stores course vocabulary to maintain definitions.
Lesson Creates content for the section that can be adjusted to the Administrators needs.
Quiz Tests can be added where the Quiz can be graded and correct answers stored.
SCORM SCORM data can be added to a particular section of a Course.
Survey Allows the Administrator to collect information from the users to improve the course. (Differs from the Feedback module in that it surveys for other reasons than the particular section.)
Wiki Editable web page that users can add content to.
Workshop Allows the users to comment and review each others work.


Book Text can be add to this section that will be formatted into “Book” format. (Primarily for large amounts of content.)
File This is a simple file upload where the users can Download the file through the Course section.
Folder The folder option allows the user to manage their files in multiple folders
IMS content package Adds material that is in the IMS content package format.
Label Adds a caption to activities or resources for separating them in the Course section.
Page A scrollable screen for viewing the page in a single web page format. (For smaller amounts of content.)
URL Allows the admin to create a link to an external webpage outside of the Moodle Course.

This concludes the overview for the Moodle Activities and Resources. Please check the next article on How do I add an Assignment to a Course. For more information on this Education Chanel please visit Adding an activity or resource to a course

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