How to insert an acepolls poll into a Joomla 2.5 article

Joomla 2.5 has reached its end of life as for 12/31/2014. Please be advised this may be a security risk to your website. You can view more information about the end of life here.

There are various ways to display acepolls polls to your users, and embedding them into an article is one of them. There is not default functionality to put a poll into an article, but there is somewhat of a work around you can do. Joomla 2.5 allows you to show a module within an article. As you can display acepolls polls with a module, you can put the acepolls module within an article.

To add an acepolls poll within a Joomla 2.5 article:

  1. Create a new acepolls poll
  2. Create a module to display the poll
  3. Use the load position feature to embed the poll into the article

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