Thoughts on “Copy an account from another server with the cPanel password

  • I have a Reseller account, and it doesn’t appear the Transfer option.
    Can it be enabled in reseller plan?

    • The transfer option is not available with the Reseller account type. It is part of the Dedicated or VPS subscription plans. You can submit a ticket request for a transfer to the support team if needed.

  • If I have to copy from shared hosting Server A for which i do not have root access to Server B whose root Access I have then is it possible to transfer account from Server A to B

  • Your step 3 screenshot does not match what is actually on the screen for this step. This didn’t work for me.

  • Hello, you should explain “log in with your root user” as well here as all was well untill I hit that as a brick wall, as I did not see what you wanted me to see. Keep it detailed please.



    • Hello Andre,

      VPS and Dedicated accounts may obtain root access if they need it. The login is the same method except you would use ‘root’ as the user and use the root password you chose. This allows you to have more options in the WHM. You can request root access via your AMP.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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