Using the Process Manager

Using The Process Manager

Process manager

If you are seeing activity causing a load to be placed on your server, then you can further define what is happening by looking at the process manager. To get to the process manager, you can click on the Load Averages link. The images below breakdown how you will see the Process Manager in WHM

NOTE: This guide requires root access. Root access is included (at no extra charge) with our Dedicated Server, VPS, and Reseller VPS Hosting plans.

Process ID A unique number for each active process on the server
Owner User or system account that started and owns the process
Priority A number between -20 and 20 that describes how much time the systems uses to work on the process. -20 is the least CPU intensive, while 20 is the most CPU intensive
CPU% The percentage of your server’s processing power that the process uses
Memory% The percentage of your server’s RAM (memory) that the process uses
Kill Processes by User You can select the user with the drop down arrow and then forcibly kill the process for that user
Trace Tracing a process lets you observe and control the process as it executes. Click on TRACE in order to trace that process.
Kill this lets you kill the process as per the process ID you have selected

Process Manager sections

Trace and Kill processes options

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