What Version of ______ am I Running?

Our support department receives a large amount of contacts concerning verisons of Apache, MySQL, and PHP that are running on the servers. We have many different configurations so the server you’re on can have different combinations of versions. Finding out the information is quite easy.  

The first step is to log into your site’s cPanel and click on “Server Information” to the right-hand side of the screen:

Left menu pane stats for the cpanel account

Once the Server Information page has loaded, the various details will be listed, as pictured below:

Expanded stats view.

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2 thoughts on “What Version of ______ am I Running?

  1. What version of email server am I running. I checked server information in Cpanel but did not see that info. Neither the Linux version.

    1. Hello David – Thanks for the question regarding the version of the mail server being used for your account. Since you’re on a shared server account, your best avenue to getting that information will be to contact our technical support team (https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/amp/how-to-get-great-technical-support/). They will be able to access your server and provide the information you seek.

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