Best practice for naming files in Linux

If you are developing your website and you cannot find out why your pages, images, JavaScripts, and other web data is causing a 404 error not found, you may have a problem with case sensitivity.

Linux servers are case sensitive. Windows servers are not case sensitive, so if you are moving your files from a Windows development platform to a Linux web platform you may need to watch out for the following common mistakes.

Common Case Sensitive errors

Mixing Upper case and lower case

A common mistake is naming files a mixture of upper case and lower case. Like the following:


Linux reads the file name exactly the way its typed. So,


Is NOT the same as:


Incorrectly types file extension

File extensions are case sensitive as well. Some file types have 4 letters and others 3. See the following example:

Likewise, file extensions need to be exact as well:


Is NOT the same as:


Also, image extensions must be the right type:


Is NOT the same as:


Best practice for Linux file naming

To prevent running into problems with your file paths on your site, we recommend following the best practices for file naming. See the below:

  1. Name all your files lower case.
  2. Instead of using a space, use an ( _ ) or a ( – )
  3. Use consistent file types. Use jpg or jpg. Don’t use both.
  4. Only alphanumeric characters, periods, underscores and hyphens and don’t use symbols like “%”, “$”, and so forth.
  5. Keep the file names short and descriptive.

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