Dealing with the Adobe Security Breach

The following article discusses the recent security issues as announced by Adobe Systems Incorporated on October 3, 2013. We will summarize the issue and then describe the steps you should take as a customer of both Adobe and InMotion Hosting.

Adobe Security Breach

Adobe’s security recently discovered that they were the victims of a highly complex attack on their network that involved the theft of customer information and Adobe application source code. The extent of the attack affects approximately 2.9 million Adobe customers. The related data includes:

  • names
  • encrypted credit or debit card numbers
  • expiration dates
  • customer order information

As per Adobe’s “Important Customer Security Announcement”, the steps taken after this attack include:

  • Passwords have been reset for the accounts that were affected by security breach. These customers have been notified via email. Passwords for all accounts are recommended to be changed as a precaution.
  • Customers whose credit cards or debit cards may have been exposed are being notified. A notification letter has been sent to alert customers. To help with the issue, one-year of credit monitoring will be provided as compensation (where available).
  • The banks who process Adobe transactions have also been notified in regards to the security issue.
  • The investigation also includes the access to the source code for Adobe products and the possibility of using the code to exploit existing products.
  • Federal law enforcement has been notified of the breach and are part of the investigation.

Adobe apologized publicly for the issue and is working to prevent any further security events of this nature. If you wish to contact Adobe for further information, then please go to the Adobe Customer Support page. If you wish to see the original article by Brad Arkin, Adobe’s Chief Security Officer, please go here.

Keeping your InMotion Hosting Account Secure

As an InMotion Hosting customer, it is possible that many Adobe products may have been used to produce your website, or even elements of your website. Additionally, some of their new products track social media. If you were a customer of Adobe, then for security purposes, it is best to cycle your passwords and make sure that your customers, clients, partners or other related users with your account also cycle their passwords. For further guidance, please review our article on Password Security. If you find yourself in the position of having to deal with a possible hacked account, please refer to I think my website has been hacked.

If you have any further questions on the issue please feel free to contact our technical support tea.

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