How to run backups on your Dedicated Server

In this article we will discuss backup options for your Dedicated Server, and provide links to our full walk-through tutorials. You have the ability to setup automated backups from WHM, perform cPanel backups, or purchase the backup service from InMotion. This is an important aspect of managing a Dedicated server, since it can help you recover from an attack, or revert back when testing server configuration changes.

Purchase Backup Service from AMP

Backups are not provided as part of your Dedicated Server account. InMotion can provide remote backups of 10 GB blocks at $7.50 a month. If you need to cover 12 GB, then you would need to purchase two 10 GB blocks at $15.00 a month. Our backups are stored on a separate server, and include all the website files, emails, cPanel information, and MySQL databases. The backups that we provide run every 24-36 hours and are run progressively, meaning that each backup overwrites the last.

How to Request Backups for your Dedicated Server

  1. Login to AMP or open your email client.
  2. Send a verified support ticket to our live technical support team listing your backup needs. If you’re sending an email, make sure to send the message to Your email should include your account verification information.
  3. Once technical support receives your request, they will review the request to make sure that the backup is properly configured and send you a confirmation of the backup and its cost.
  4. When you have confirmed the cost and configuration of the backup it will be implemented for your server.

Configure Scheduled Backups in WHM

WHM (Web Host Manager) has a Backup Configuration section where you can configure Automated backup options. The full steps are covered in the following article.

Full/Partial Backup from cPanel

Within cPanel is the ability to backup your databases, site files, or the entire cPanel account. The following guides will walk you through the steps.

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