June 15, 2015 – Server Reboot

Server Reboot

June 15, 2015 – Our Systems Architecture team has discovered a kernel level vulnerability in servers running betterLinux. Our team will need to reboot all affected servers with a security patch. Barring any unforeseen complications the expected downtime will be about 5-10 minutes. The following servers are impacted:

biz127, biz130, biz131, biz136, biz139, biz141, biz142, biz144, biz146, biz150, biz152, biz157, biz163, biz164, biz166, biz169, biz170, ecbiz126, ecbiz129, ecbiz132, ecbiz134, ecbiz135, ecbiz137, ecbiz147, ecbiz151, ecbiz153, ecbiz156, ecbiz158, ecbiz165, ecbiz168, ecbiz171, ecbiz172, ecbiz173, ecbiz175, ecres148, ecres155, ecres161, ld128, ld133, ld138, ld143, ld145, ld149, res140, res154, res162, res167, res174

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