How to set an Email Size Limit in SpamExperts

Large emails can be problematic when managing email accounts. SpamExperts easily allows you to impose a limit on the size of the incoming emails. You have the option to quarantine or reject an incoming email based on it’s size. Below are the instructions on how to set up email restrictions based on the size of the email in your SpamExperts control panel.

  1. Log into SpamExperts Control Panel.
  2. Go to Email size restriction.

  3. In the first field you can set the size limit in MB. Set that limit to 75. This means any email over 75MB will be flagged by your filter. If you dont want to filter by a size limit, simply select the no limit checkbox.

  4. Next, choose whether you would like to quarantine or reject the email.

  5. Select the Update option.

Congratulations! you now know how to set an email size limit using the SpamExperts control panel.

Carrie Smaha Senior Manager Marketing Operations

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