Backup Your OpenCart Database in Admin Dashboard

Like using a SSL certificate, backups are important to your OpenCart and web hosting security. Below we cover how to backup your OpenCart database in your admin dashboard. Backup Database Login OpenCart. Under Settings, select Maintenance and Backup / Restore. Specify tables to backup and select Export. You can restore the .sql file in the Read More >

My OpenCart 3 Contact Form Won’t Send Emails

Your contact form needs to work to assure customers you care about their feedback. Your email configuration could be the reason it doesn’t. Below we’ll configure OpenCart to send emails. Have a large organization and need more server resources than your VPS provides? Upgrade to a Dedicated Server today. Configure Email Settings Log into OpenCart. Read More >

OpenCart 3 Maintenance Mode

You don’t want customers making orders while you’re doing major upgrades and data restorations as data corruption is possible. In such cases, it may be best to temporarily convert your store to a one page website with an estimated time before its running again. Below we cover how to enable maintenance mode in OpenCart 3. Read More >

How to Enable SSL (https) in OpenCart 3

In this tuorial we will show you how to enable SSL (https) in OpenCart 3. This allows you to utilize an SSL certificate in OpenCart, and serve your site over https. Note: You must have an SSL before completing this guide. Enable SSL Log into your Opencart Dashboard. Click System then Settings in the navigation Read More >