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K2 is a content component for Joomla 3. What is a content component? It’s a component that allows you to write and publish articles. It’s much like Joomla’s built in content component, except that it has additional features built right in – such as commenting and tags.

Below, you’ll find a collection of K2 video tutorials designed to give you a jump start in learning and using K2.


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2 thoughts on “K2 Video Tutorials

  1. I’m using a K2 template and I love it, but I’ve been mercilessly attacked by spambots in my comments section so I’ve been forced to disable the automatic comments, which has caused my comments to go way down.  Is there a way people can use their Facebook profile to comment on my site?  Also, is there a way to check my hit stats, as those spambots seem to have caused my hits counter to get out-of-control. Is there a way to differentiate real vs. fake hits on your site?

    1. Hello Lee-Anne,

      You can use an extension like LoginRadius to allow social media logins. As fo thte spambots, you may want to try and fight them with htaccess as a lot of the hits are likely from the same bots.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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