How to put Joomla 3.1 in debug mode

When troubleshooting various issues in Joomla 3.0, you may find it beneficial to put your website in debug mode. Enabling the debug system allows you to see details about how Joomla is rendering your site, including:

  • Session Data
  • Profile Information
  • Memory Usage
  • Database Queries

To put Joomla 3.0 in debug mode:

  1. Log into your Joomla 3.0 control panel
  2. In the left menu, click the Global Configuration link
  3. You should see several tabs listed at the top of the page. Click the System tab
  4. Under Debug Settings, find the setting labeled Debug System. Click Yes, and then click the Save button in the top left of the page.

    When you visit your Joomla 3.0 site again, you should see a list of debug information listed towards the bottom of the page (see the screenshot below). This information will be under a heading labeled:

    Joomla! Debug Console

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