ClamAV in Control Web Panel (CWP)

ClamAV in Control Web Panel (CWP) - Antivirus Scanning

The Control Web Panel (CWP) Malware Scanner uses ClamAV, a free tool commonly used within defense-in-depth security solutions. ClamAV can detect suspicious signatures in files and emails. CWP has a graphical ClamAV interface to simplify popular antivirus features:

  • Enable alerts when detecting certain file types
  • Specify signature types to detect
  • Manage flagged files and scan reports

ClamAV CWP Integration

  1. Log into CWP.
  2. On the left select “Security Center.”
  3. Select “Malware Scan.”
  4. Select “Install.”
  5. You now have options to scan full CWP accounts, websites only, emails only, and customized groups. Select “Customize” under one of the options to specify what is scanned.
    CWP Malware Scan dashboard
  6. Select your preferred scan function so the button turns blue.
  7. At the bottom select the small “gear” button on the right for advanced options.
    Advanced ClamAV options
    We recommend enabling “allmatch,” “detect-pua,” and “detect-structured.” After you select “Accept” the pop-up will close.
  8. Select the button at the bottom to start scanning.
  9. The scan results will show details including a link for the raw log file and options for handling flagged files (quarantine, delete, or skip). Make a decision for each file and select “Accept.”
    CWP malware scan results with EICAR test signature
  10. Select “Options” on the right to check your scan history.
    CWP ClamAV scan history
  11. Select “Back” and “Options” again to view quarantined files. There will be a new directory per individual scan.
    Quarantined files in CWP File Manager
  12. The options menu also includes the ability to update antivirus definitions.

Want to better secure your cloud server? Install the CWP modules for ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) and ModSecurity. And don’t forget to install an SSL certificate.

Got a hardened server already but need a website? Read our guide on how to install WordPress in CWP.

CWPpro users can install Maldet, RKhunter, and Lynis security modules in the dashboard. If you wish to install any of these applications in the free version, you’ll need to do so manually in the terminal.

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