Create a Manual Backup with Total Upkeep

It’s a good idea to create a backup before making major changes to your BoldGrid website. Below we cover how to manually create a full or custom backup with Total Upkeep.

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Start a Manual Backup

  1. Log into BoldGrid.
  2. Select Backup Archive under Total Upkeep.
  3. manual backup Select Backup Site Now.
  4. default full backup Set your preferred backup before pressing Backup Site Now. Full Backup is the default option.
  5. specify files Select Custom Backup to specify files or database tables.
  6. Select database tables Select the fiiles you want to backup then click on Backup Site Now.

    Note: Leaving the backup section will not stop your backup.

To learn more about BoldGrid, check out our BoldGrid Education Center. For more information on security, check out our lists of WordPress backup plugins and security plugins.

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