Adding a Dedicated IP Address to your Server

You can get dedicated IP addresses through your AMP panel. Below is a tutorial on how to add an IP to your Dedicated server.

Adding an IP address through AMP

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. Add IP address AMP click detailsOn the left hand side in the Additional Services, click Details.
  3. Add IP address AMP select the planSelect the plan from the list you want to add the IP to. In most cases you will only have one hosting plan. If you have multiple hosting plans, you will see more links to your other plans.
  4. Add IP address AMP requestClick Request IP address.
  5. Add IP address AMP proceed with assignmentRead the disclaimer for the IP address assignment. Click Proceed.chyeck email Add IP address AMP

    You will see a confirmation that the IP address was submitted.

  6. Request submitted Add IP address AMPCheck your email that you signed into AMP with. You will see an initial email explaining the request was submitted.

    New IP address Add IP address AMP

    Shortly after you will get an email with your new IP address in the contents. Next you will need to assign the IP address to the domain.

Assigning an IP in WHM (VPS Reseller and Dedicated)

  1. Log into your WHM.
  2. Add IP address AMP change IPYou can type IP in the search to narrow the list of options on the left. Look for the IP Functions section and click Change a Site’s IP address.
  3. Add IP address AMP domain selectionSelect the domain from the list or type the domain you want the IP for.

    Click Change.

  4. List of IP addresses Add IP address AMPFrom the New Address drop box, select the IP address from the list.

    Click change.

If for whatever reason you cannot get the IP to assign correctly, please feel free to contact tech support.

Thoughts on “Adding a Dedicated IP Address to your Server

  • I recently opened a VPS-1000HA-S account and added a dedicated IP to my account (by using one of the three credits included with my account). However there is no indication on how to actually use the dedicated IP with my account. The above directions aren’t valid in my case (no ‘IP Functions’ in WHM nor ‘Additional Services’ block in my AMP).

    • Hi Charles. Unfortunately, we can not assist you with your account in the public comments of this article. I recommend you contact our live technical support for assistance with your account. They will be able to verify your account and review the details to privately provide some insight into what is happening and how to proceed.

    • I have the same problem and after three days still could not come up with a solution even though I contacted the live support.

      • Hello Charles – apologies for the problem with the IP address. We’re not sure of the exact problem that you’re having, but the live support team should be able to resolve or explain the issue. If you can provide a domain name or user name for the account, then we can investigate the issue in more depth. Please provide us info so that we can find the account to see what’s happening.

  • I saw a suggestion to change my IP address from a number to a word, like iPan4Gold. 

    Is that possible? 

    Any reason why it’s a bad idea? 

    Please advise.




  • hi, i just got reseller VPS understanding was i will get 3 dedicated IP address but i see only one how can i get rest 2 IPs.

    • Hello, if you need additional IPs assigned you will need to contact support via chat, phone, or email to have them add them for you.

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