How to Check if a Port is Blocked with Netcat / Ncat

If you’re unable to connect to FTP, MySQL, or another service on your server, the port could be blocked by a firewall at many points before the actual software: Local workstation Local network router Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy DNS Resolver Internet service provider (ISP) (e.g. Verizon) Web application firewall (WAF) (e.g. Sucuri) Content Read More >

How to Find Your Local Router IP Address in the Terminal

You can use your local router’s internal IP address to test if a port is blocked by your local network, internet service provider (ISP), or virtual private network (VPN). Most operating systems (OSs) – Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, etc. – with a graphical user interface (GUI) have pre-installed software that can give you this information. Read More >