How Do I Restart My Server?

Here’s a quick summary of how to reboot VPS and Dedicated servers.

Request Support for reboot

Business Level accounting: Contact Live Technical Support to request reboot

WHM restartAMP Restart

VPS (without Root access): Able to restart services in WHM. They can also restart services by using AMP.

AMP RestartWHM RestartCommand Line Reset

VPS (with Root access): Able to restart all services in WHM, AMP, or through Command line. A restart button for the server is available in WHM, but do not use it.

WHM restart

Dedicated(without Root access) can restart services in WHM. Contact Live Technical Support to request reboot

WHM restartCommand Line Reset

Dedicated Server (with Root access): Can restart services or the server in WHM or with the command line.

Restarting A Server

For different reasons, VPS customers may want to restart their server services. This is similar to rebooting the server; except, rebooting the actual hardware is “rebooting” the server. Restarting the services restarts the Apache, MySQL, or Email services that run on the server. The services for VPS servers can be restarted through the WHM or through shell access. In the event you cannot use shell or the WHM, you can restart your VPS through the Account Management Panel. This article will show you how.

Note! Before your restart your VPS services, you will want to read our article on When should I restart my VPS.

Restarting Shared Business Plan Servers

Shared server services do not need to be restarted unless our systems support sees an issue requiring the server to be restarted. If you believe your server services need to be restarted, please contact tech support and they can look further into this.

Steps to Restart Your VPS in AMP

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. AMP VPS Restart services click details

    Locate your server and click the Restart VPS button.

  3. AMP VPS Restart services Select

    Expand the Restart VPS drop box and click the “Restart VPS” button. Then, allow time for the server to restart.

Restarting VPS and Dedicated Server with Command Line

Customers can restart their server services through the WHM or through Shell access. Please see the below tutorials on how to restart your services through WHM and through command line. You can shell into your server and stop and start your httpd services for your website. See the following commands.

Stop Apache

root@vps### [~]# service httpd stop

Start Apache

root@vps### [~]# service httpd start

Checks the Apache server status

root@vps### [~]# service httpd status

You can also restart MySQL also with the following commands

Stop MySQL

root@vps### [~]# service mysql stop

Start MySQL

root@vps### [~]# service mysql start

Checks the MySQL server status

root@vps### [~]# service mysql status

Restarting a VPS or Dedicated Server with WHM

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. type AMP VPS Restart services

    Type “restart” in the search box at the top left to find the “Restart Services” section.

  3. AMP VPS Restart services click restart

    To restart Apache, select HTTP Server (Apache) and click Yes.

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